Multiple Teams · Four Grizzlies Compete for Team Georgia in Fargo!

These 4 men accepted the challenge of competing in the largest high school age wrestling tournament in the world! Fargo is a a huge challenge and takes no pity on anyone. Your weaknesses get exposed and you learn a new level of toughness and grit!!! The rewards for most, are not immediate as their results force them to take a hard look inside,  which results in growth both physically and emotionally.  The real rewards are realized much later as the commitment to the process ends up changing practice habits, skill development and toughness! We are very proud of their commitment and look forward to what they bring back into the practice room this year!!


Mason 0-2

Cade 0-2

Wyatt 1-2

Eli – 3-2 (top 24 finish)


Mason 1-2

Wyatt 4-2 (top 16 finish)